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The sixth chapter of The Child's Book of Wonder is finished, and you can read the last three pages here. As ever I apologize to those of you who browse on tablets or mobile devices, or in Internet Explorer. I will get back to trying to fix all those bugs right away.

The first page of Chapter Six was published in June of 2014. I am not even sure how long ago that means I must have written this, the first and only draft of it, but I remember writing it while working late one night at an old job. That is absolutely company stationary. I wonder why I scrapped the upside down staircase.

There will be a lull here for a bit while I see to all the coding glitches and take a run at another story. I started writing Chapter Four and Chapter Five simultaneously, and I don't know which one I like better. Would you rather read something geometric and mythological, or quasi-Lovecraftian?

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